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that's one thing about living with one parent (divorced when i was 5) i only have to go thru my mom with stuff like this, there's no "go ask your mother.." or "go ask your father...". lol. but anyway, my mom was kinda reluctant about my first snake, i think she said something to the effect of "NOT UNTIL' YOU MOVE OUT!!!" but of course we went into the pet store (they took awesome care of there herps!) and we saw the most beautiful little albino california king, and it was all over but the crying, well, maybe not crying, but it was all over except something...but, anyway, thank you HeRpZ03 for the Be-lated birthday wishes!
1.0 albino cali. king snake(Diego)1.0 0.0.1 Blue-Tongued Skink (Oz)1.0 western hoggie (Tiki)0.0.1 amel creamsicle corn (Leo)0.0.1

ssssoon to come...albino burmese python (2 days and counting)
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