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Well, the only person I know in real life who has a herp is my buddy's weed dealer. All he has right now is a Kenyan Sand Boa but he said he'd gladly trade weed (in a generous portion) for herps. Maybe once I start breeding something I'll take him up on his offer, LOL.

In general though, I don't know many people my age (early 20's) who live on their own and who keep pets. Firstly, students who study in a different place than where they live during the summer would have difficulty transferring pets back and forth. Secondly, fresh graduates tend to live in apartments, which may not allow any pets whatsoever or may specifically prohibit herps. Or, they just might lack the stability/predictability to keep a long-term pet as they really don't know where they'll be a year from now.

Oh well, I'm going to the reptile show in Abbotsford coming up (my first one) and I'll get to see what a lot of herpers are like.
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