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Saved from being rooadkill on hwy 400/69

On our way homefrom the PCPC show last sunday (June 13), my guy and I saw this odd bit of rubber on the road near the shoulder.. we slowed a bit and noticed it had massive legs and HUGE tail. We tried to move it off the road close to the pond it was heading for, but there were some tire ruts in the grass that I didn't notice and the poor thing ended up like this..

We waited to see if it could right itself, but it's shell fit perfectly into the tire rut so we tried to help it..

After grabbing the kevlar gloves that we keep in the glovebox (don't ask), we managed to flip him/her right side up using a nice log (he wasn't impressed and kept snapping at our legs/hands/arms/feet) for him/her to bite, and grabbing her/him by the shell near the rear legs (FRIGGEN HUGE CLAWS!). This is the result.

One very pissed off snapping turtle.. it was about a foot across the shell and about 1.5 feet from head end of shell to tail end of shell. It's legs were atleast as thick as my wrists!

My guy picked it up to bring it to the pond's edge and got peed on for his efforts!..

Picture a guy who isn't very fond of herps, that's just come back from wandering through a room with hundreds of them, petting an adult coastal carpet python (THANKS MARDY!) and exclaiming I'm crazy for having snakes that'll get that big, carrying a very ticked off, peeing snapping turtle through foot high brushes to save it from being roadkill all because his girlfriend (Me!) is a herp lover.
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