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Red face YIKES

I'd see a Dr. about that if I was you...sounds like a nasty rash

when i joined this forum I had 0 snakes
now i have 1 and will get 1 Kenyan from Roy (as soon as she eats)
I may get a normal corn this weekend from St Jacobs and I hope to have a BP by the end of the year
I already have the tanks ready and will stock up the freezer in prep for the new additions

I have had friends come over to let me know if there is ANY way I can re-arrange my furniture to fit in more tanks. The only recommendation was to get a bunk bed since all floor and wall space is FULL.

My Mom won't even come over any more, "You have more damn animals than a pet store!"

The next option is to get a house and Believe me...I'm trying!

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