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Re: New market expo

Originally posted by bidden
and Sam from ReptileKings. AMAZING leo's. Sorry man, if I just hadn't bought 2 albino's I would have definatly taken that Hypo-tang. maybe next year when you have your Tang-albino's.
Great meeting you there Dan! Finally can put a face to a name on these forums. We did end up selling both those hypo tangs to Reptile Oasis, they were very happy with their purchase, and then got home, had many emails, sold a UG line to a happy customer in Manitoba, Winnipeg. So it was a great weekend. Tang Albinos will be a hot hot hot item for next year, lot of great feeback regarding them, can't wait! We let some people hold our tang albino stud at the show

The show was rather slow, but nontheless it was great! We met tons of great vendors, such as Tim from Capital Dragons, what a great setup and a great guy! Simon and his brother from Extreme Snakes, they're great brothers, very funny.
Reptile Oasis as always are extremely nice and friendly, Megan from ICULIZARD, so nice, and what a great setup as well! and the list goes on and on.
So in that sense it was a great opportunity for us to meet lots of people.
There were a lot of kids there though, again people thinking it was more of a "zoo" than a reptile expo with vendors coming from all parts and from hours and hours away, which would've liked to sell something.
It was a first time show, so it will only get better.

Ya, there were quite a few vendors that didn't show, made it look bare in there. It would've been nice if they emailed Nadia, so she could've moved things around ahead of time, helping in it not look so bare...

Great show overall though, and great meeting a lot of you!
See you at the pcpc show!
*Specializing in Super Hypo Tangerine, Sunglow and Snow leopard geckos!*

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