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Sand snakes are somewhat simliar in coloration and pattern, as well as the Hooknosed snake (invert eatter) and Ground snake. I once got a call about a supposed Mountain king, and it turned out to be a 4 inch long neonate Ground snake (another invert eatter). I knew it could not be as it was miles out of the Mountain King range and not anywhere near where it could naturally survive. But it is easy to be confused here in AZ if your not familiar with our species. Black-headed snakes are also part of our invert eatting snakes.

Here is the complete AZ PARC listing of native snakes of AZ. You will notice they give a small detail of the coloration and pattern next to the species. As you can see, there are many relatively similair patterned and colored snakes in this scheme. You'll get a small bit of the natural history for the species there too.
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