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In some places, it is to late to do much. I know in Minnesota, they have tried a few things to "naturally" take care of the mesquito population by introducing other inverts to do the job. When those plans back-fired (such as the army worms) they introduce another species to eradicate the previous feral inverts. That back fired as well. Now they have several feral and hybrid inverts taking residense within the state now that are ALL producing in huge numbers. They are left with a ton of mesquitos and now feral inverts that are a nuisance. Bigger problem than before they started. This can be seen with other feral animals such as Cane toads in Aussie.

As for what is called "accidental" pests, it is also just a matter of those species survival and adaptation to their new environment. Brown snakes would not last long here in AZ, we just simply could not support them here. Although areas of FLA I know could. This is also seen with bird species in areas of the world. Just something that comes along with exporting goods and animal species, as well as those that have released animals on purpose for reasons unknown. It is just a part of our world these days.
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