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Arrow This site is not good for me!!!

Since I have joined this wonderful site and have been reading and participating in these forums, there has been one major side effect. Seeing everyone's gorgeous snakes has more than doubled my "wanted list" and I just end up drooling and dreaming of new snakes. Much to my boyfriend's dismay!

Seriously, I was planning to get maybe 4-5 other snakes in the future but now I'm going mad seeing all these gorgeous snakes and wanting them for myself too! What am I to do? And how to deal with my bf who is getting discouraged of me talking about them all the time and planning on making new cages and getting much more than originally planned?!

Now that we're talking about getting a house, the first thing that came to my mind was "Woohoo, a snake room!" and he just dropped his head and said "great..." He is a sweety to let me enjoy this hobby and even helps me sometimes with my snakes but I don't know how much more he can take!!!

You guys/gals are killing me!!!
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