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Floridas introduced, Good or Bad?

Many reptiles, mammals and fish have been introduced into florida. Many people see this as horrible, taking away from native species and killing some off. I think of this in two different ways. First off introduced animals can be a problem in some ways,speaking only on reptiles. Take for example the Burmese pythons in the Everglades. Sure burms get big enough to eat some protected wild life and could be potentionally a threat. But how many are really out there, enough to do allot of damage? I mean for a herpers point of view i think of it as awsome we have all these introduced species aslong as it doesnt get out of hand. I mean there are 7 species of anole in florida breeding and established and only one is native( the green anole). An average of 50 species of reptiles are introduced to florida and alittle more than 1/4 are not seen to be breeding yet. I was just wandering what other peoples thoughts are about this. Good or bad? I find it neat to have nile monitors and veiled chameleons in some parts of florida. Sure it can be harmful with some species but how can we prevent it with all the major imports of reptiles coming in to florida each year. Most owners not being able to keep the large reptiles and releasing them. To another point shouldnt we limit the animals coming into the US for this reason, and for not needing the thousands of animals coming in w/c. What is your thought on this? I dont think i really have one yet, looking at all the positives i havnt focused on negatives.
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