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New market expo

Just got home. It was kinda weak. I was shocked when I got there at 1pm and the place was empty. I was also shocked to see that some of the vendors didn't show, or had left by the time I got there( THE MONITOR SPOT!!!! espicially when I wanted to pick-up a temp gun!!!!!) everyone had great deals on though because of it. When I left at 2 I was the winning bid for the beardie from ICULIZARD in the silent auction. If I won that will be a pretty sweet deal, I bid $100, for any morph. gonna get me a nice and bright orange crush, or hypo, or sandfire/blood. not sure yet. Definatly well worth it.

got to talk to a bunch of people, I had to mention to Meghan from ICU that I was the winning bid(at the time) just so she knew . Tim from Capital dragons, he has some very nice red dragons, I wouldn't of complained if he was in the auction too. and Sam from ReptileKings. AMAZING leo's. Sorry man, if I just hadn't bought 2 albino's I would have definatly taken that Hypo-tang. maybe next year when you have your Tang-albino's.

Saw some cool looking Helmuted gecko, which I might get in the future. Pictus are really cool too. Can't decide what the next addition will be....

If anyone was there at the end and know's who won the silent auction, let me know. thanks

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