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Here is my 2 cents.

First 325 CAD (current exchange on 200usd) is what I consider reasonable. I'm sorry but materials and workmanship still cost money. Alot of money. Plus R & D Cost too. If you can not afford that then high quality plastics caging is not for you. Lord knows that its not in my price range right now either.

As far as materials go, we either have to work from pre extruded sheets, or we have to get die sets to do injection molding. Some other materials might lend themselfs to easy working. But unfortunatly the best materials for our snakes might not be financially feasable. Die sets are not an option for the man working from his home. You need alot of cash for that venture, and alot of market.

So all that said. If you live in canada, Be prepared to pay about 325+ for a good plastics cage. Maybe less if they are just peiced acrylic. Barrs cages are cheaper in price, but the construction is not as durable as a boaphile cage is from what I have seen from personal inspection of the barrs cage and what I can see on the net of the boaphile cage. Not that Barrs cages are bad cages at all, I just dont see much stackability from them.

All that said. Hopefully Chris can give us the best of both worlds, affordable cages and safer materials. But I hope that people are not going to be upset if the price is 325 + If just the contruction alone were as good as a boaphile cage I would say that is a most fair cost for a cage of that quality.

Now Personally, my little wish list, I personally like the design of the Vision cages, the built in impressions for the heat fixtures are very desirable for me. I also prefer to use cages with Sliding glass vs cages with doors that open up or down. As far as those who like to access the entire cage at once, I also prefer the sliding glass be easy removedto facilitate easy cleaning. Another thing that I would REALLY like to see, built in heating of some sort, be it flex watt (From what I understand is not legal to use or perhaps its a use at your own risk) or some other built in device. Also rounded corners. I HATE cages that have square corners. Cleaning is always such a pain in the rear with square corners. I'm sure about half of my wish isn't the easiest to do but those were just the things I'm looking for in a cage.

Lots of useless stuff.

Good luck Chris. I hope you can bring an affordable and safe product to the canadian market. Perhaps you may even be able to make it affordable enough and functional enough that the american market could benifit too.
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