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"he is sitting up in his bed and expressing concern about missing school"
Just reading this makes me sick. They're obviously changing things around here. Not for the better.

"The family wishes to remain anonymous"
Oh, I wonder why? First of all, the stupid parents let the kid near a wild animal. Secondly, they could cost a lot of herp owners their herps. I sure as hell wouldn't like my name out in public after that!

"Rawson has been lobbying council to pass a bylaw prohibiting exotic animals in captivity in the township."
No comment.

"Setting a wide scope on bans makes it cheaper for the politicians who create the by-law. Less research is required when you don't have to go into specifics."
I don't care how convenient it is for lawmakers to do their job. Maybe they should just take the effects under consideration? See what the people as a whole want for a change? Perhaps there is some petieion that they could all sign to keep certain exotic pets.

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