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Originally posted by ReptiliansDOTca
Well, UEFA made the decision in regards to Totti's fate - he is suspended for three days. I personally think that is ridiculous; first of all, he was provoked by the Denmark player. You don't even get three days for a red card. Second of all, if Denmark can go back and file a complaint with video as proof, I suppose Italy can go file a complaint for the thousands of dives that Denmark made in that game. Grrrr....
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? It doesnt matter if it was provoked or not, spitting in someones face doesnt belong in the game. Consider Totti lucky to only get 3 games, another player during champions league received an 8 game suspension for the same thing. Totti was also lucky not to get a red card for that brutal tackle at the end of the match. As for the dives, sadly enough it has become a part of the game and you cant say that none of the Italians dive, every team has a player who goes down way to easily.

Well done England and Croatia was unlucky not to win, the Frecnh forward knocked the ball down with his hand. Oh well, it should be interesting to see how the group ends up.
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