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Originally posted by ReptiliansDOTca
Will all do respect, are you suggesting that it is in the nature of dogs and cats to sit when we ask them to, give us their paw when we ask them to, come when we ask them to, open the door when we ask them to?

Dogs started off in the wild, not in our homes. Thus, they were domesticated into house pets. Wouldn't that be the exact same case with a tiger, or any thing else for that matter?
If you had read my last post in its entirety, you would have seen the reasons why dogs and horses are so trainable. The big difference with these two species is that they want to do the things we ask of them. That's the part of the nature in them that responds to the desires of the alpha in their social group.

Other animals can be trained to do tricks, the big difference is that we need to reward them extensively in many fashions. Dogs especially will act upon our demands to please us, their "alpha" dog.

Why do you think it's so hard to train a housecat to do anything with JUST praise as a reward. They don't have the same social needs as dogs and most couldn't care less. It's just not a "reward" to them, if they want praise or affection, they will come around and get it when it pleases them.

And by the way, I didn't come up with these theories. These are in majority from a very educated and experienced person and one of my heros in the field of science & animals: Desmond Morris.

He has dedicated decades of research on the behaviour of animals and humans and is extensively published.

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