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you're right i was discriminating a bit, but its to protect the dogs!
around my area especially, way too many people have pits to look "tough" and unfortunatly, to fight them.
poor dogs dont last more than a couple of years.
either given up (seen the humane society lately?) or put down because their
instinct to protect and be aggressive, humans bred them that way but they didnt understand the detrimental effect it would have on the breed.
they were originaly called "butchers dogs" they would grab cattle by the snout and tire them out so much that the butcher could bring them in for slaughter. then someone got the bright idea to use them for bull baiting, which became illegal, then they turned to dog fighting. poor dogs!
my dog is very protective, she has saved my butt a few times (lots of drunks, druggies, and dealers in the hood) she growls and looks tough but kind of a scaredy cat. she is good with everyone unless she knows theres something wrong (dogs are cool that way)
if i didnt think i was capable to train my dog and read her body language the way i do, i simply wouldnt own this type of dog.
they are definately not for everyone. but now i couldnt live without her!
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to know ignorance is strength"

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