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oops! sorry mykee!
good point though.
i think anyone who reads into what breed of dog they want will generally be able to figure out what breed they should get.
if they go to a REAL breeder, the breeder will definately be able to tell them.
when i got my pooch i read every article i could about what i might expect.
having a staff/ border collie mix is a lot of work!
they contantly test you, give them an inch they take about 5000 miles!
thats why i thing anyone that wants to own strong temperment dogs should need a license and training.
dogs that are bred to protect tend to mature later than retrievers and such, sometime up to 4-5 yrs! guard dogs need to be trained through out their lives, not just puppy school.
"to ignore knowledge is sickness
to know ignorance is strength"
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