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Well, I work in insurance, so I just called up my underwriter and asked her what the deal was. I told her I had a few thousand dollars in snakes, etc, and was hoping to get a few animals in the $2000 range to add. She was a bit wary about the idea of snakes, but I told her they were all small, none that could hurt people. (They are.) I don't know what would happen if I had retics!

Anyways, the policy does not exclude pets, except in the case of loss due to theft. And so she says we'd be considering my animals pets. But I did expressly write on my application for insurance which animals I had, and wrote right on there that they are non-venomous and all small sized.

So... don't know if this is helpful or not.

I would always prefer to look for a company that will provide coverage, knowing I have the animals, though. Because I'd hate to have a claim denied because I withheld material information.

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