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Brandon Now with the summer job i scored i am deffinatly gonna be looking for a female for the carpet .

Thanks everyone we were very suprised. Deffinatly not something i was at all expecting. Simon I cheacked her out and it makes it much easier as her belly is all white and slightly translucent, no other eggs to be found. I hope for my daughter's sake we at least hatch out one. If not ahh well we will deffinatly try again now that we know she does so well. My only question is i know she is young i would of waited until next year for her to have babies. I'm a lil worried that she was too young is there any damage that can be done, by her having laid at such a young age ? (I 'm not sure how old she is I'm guessing approx 2 and a half but she is on the smaller side as she was a rescue and very thin when we acquired her.)

Laura-Lee L

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