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See now here is the Grey area I'm kinda confused about. According to what was said in this thread, if a light or heat pad malfunctions by no fault of my own or my reptile then the house insurance should still be valid. But if the reptile is the reason for the fire then I'm not covered. But because the reptile being illegal it obviously wouldn't be covered for the fire no matter what, but in the case of an accident where the equipment was being used properly but being used for heating an illegal animal would I still be covered or would the insurance company go with the logic, if I wasn't keeping illegal animlas then the fire wouldn't have started, so no coverage.

I've just bought a new house and I'd hate to think that if the place ever caught fire I would lose everything I invested because I own reptiles so I'm just trying to get everything straight. Going to call an insurance company and see what they have to say, without giving my name ofcourse.
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