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I think Portugal played a overall good game today - I really enjoyed watching the game. However, they really need to put Ronaldo on as a starter. I mean, the guy is amazing! His first two international games, and he scores once and delivers a beautiful pass. I knew Portugal would win, as I know they will beat Spain. My prediction is 3 - 1 in Portugals favour.

I was a little disappointed in the Spain game. Spain easily deserved the win, and were the better team for the game, but unfortunately Greece was able to squeeze in that unforunate goal. Only problem is, I do not think Spain will advance now. Portugal will beat them, and Greece will beat Russia, leaving them tied with four points. At that point Greece will likely have more goals, and thus they will advance with Portugal. That is what I think, at least. Needless to say, I was upset that Spain did not get the win.
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