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The fact that the guy is looking at 5 years leads me to believe there are already laws against throwing venomous reptiles into crowded bars.

Even the most ignorant, snake fearing people in the world wouldn't think of the moron in this story as being somehow representative of people who keep snakes. Not every article you read about a bad situation and a snake brings us closer to a total world ban on snake ownership, let's be real here.

The media reports on these stories because the public, like all of us, have a fascination with snakes, but a story about an idiot throwing a snake into a bar sells more ad space than an story on brumation habits. Positive snake stories just aren't as interesting to the average person as they are to us (ever try explaining the word "het" to someone who isn't into reptiles or biology? see the eyes glaze over?) so all you get is the horror stories.

No anti-snake owner conspiracy, just the nature of mass media.
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