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OMG he is a she

Tonight after school i was helping my daughter clean her red albino corn snake's tank and what i thought at first was a huge urate turned out to be 3 eggs, there are 7 in total. Only 3 look viable so we quickly whipped together a incubation yogurt container. I was deffinatly not expecting this at all, he who is now a she was in a tank with my son's snake, I seperated them once i had the space, (they were both rescues and not a planned purchase) funny thing is just before i seperated them i thought that they were fighting we'll now silly me knows what was really going on. My daughter is so happy but i told her not to worry if they don't hatch(who knows how long they were in the tank for) if not this year we will deffinatly try next year just had to share our exciting night.

Laura-Lee L
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