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Exactly...Be careful you don't end up incriminating yourself...
I made the mistake of simply asking my insurance company if I could get insurance on my collection and they pulled both my residence and vehicle policy, and told me they were no longer interested in any of my business....period
The simple fact that I let them know I was a snake breeder, scared the beejeebers out of them.
In the eyes of some insurance companies, herpers are weirdo fringe group minorities that represent above average risk. By even mentioning you keep herps, especially constrictors you might get a rude awakening and find you're no longer insurable at all.
Herpers with many years of snake keeping under their belt, or with commericial herp breeding businesses might also have a hard time getting life insurance. This all depends on what you keep and whether they believe you when you say you're not working with hots and don't have a basement full of Nile crocs.
I suspect there might be a feeling of "where there is smoke there is fire. "
Of course simply avoiding this topic also puts you in breach of contract, so it would be terrible to pay premiums for years only for your loved ones to find the policy wont pay out in the event of a tragedy
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