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like i said before, i have a staff/border collie mix.
she CONSTANTLY get attacked by small dogs. mini poodles, shitsu's etc...
she backs down in a second and tries to get away from them.
she backs away from small children, knowing how rowdy they get.
(i work with them)
i put this down to knowing my dog and going through intensive training.
i WISH people had to be licenced to own pitts, staffs, rots...
it would make resoncible owners lives easier.
and i totally disagree with muzzling every dog, plain ignorance.
only people without a dog would say that.
i, however, would muzzle my dog if i thought she was a threat.
whats even funnier is pits are still recommended as family dogs because of thier high pain tolerance.
"to ignore knowledge is sickness
to know ignorance is strength"
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