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Originally posted by mykee
I agree, I'm not muzzling my Lab because some high-strung pittbull or rotti decides to eat a child. I think that the dogs who are most likely to attack (we all know what those breeds are) should be forced to take extensive training and then tested on whether or not he/she is suitable as a 'good citizen' dog. Owners should also be fined or made to pay for the medical bills/funeral expenses of any person (s) injured or mauled by their dog, along with euthanizing of the dog, and possibly even jail time for the owner. The owners of these 'problem' breeds get off way to damn light in my opinion. Start hitting them where it hurts.
Hey Mykee...reread your post and tell me it doesn't sound like what might be on a mission statement for the ***. Don't get me wrong, I love Labs, I used to own one. I now have a PB after my Lab passed on. My Lab would nip at people where my PB won't. My point is that all dogs can and will bite given a certain circumstance, not just the "most likely to attack (we all know what those breeds are)". You are 100% on making the owners responsible for what their dogs do. I just don't want this turning into a biased attack on certain breeds because of a reputation or stereotype.
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