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*** Actually there ARE cases of Golden retrievers and other "family" type dogs that maul humans.... a LOT more than many people know. There was a case last year of a Dashund who tore apart a young baby. There are many cases of "small" dogs attacking humans, mostly children. Why don't we hear about them? Because the media, by this I mean the TV, movies, ect, have told us for YEARS that these dogs are the perfect "family" dogs and with movies like "The Omen" and others that rotties are "devil dogs" or are "bad." If you look at the stats of dog bites in the last twenty years, you will notice that golden retrievers are consistantly in the top ten, while the pitbulls and rotties are only RECENTLY being mentioned in the last few years.
I remember when I was young that everyone believed that dobermans were bad dogs, yet there was a wonderful dobie that lived a block away from me who was very sweet. Then it was German Shepherds. Now it's rotties and pitbulls. There was a news report in the Lower Mainland a few months back of a dog attack. The news showed a picture of a rottie, yet the dog who actually did the attack was a mixed breed that looked NOTHING like a rottie. After that report aired, everyone I talked to firmly believed it was a rottie that did the attack. Several respected rottie breeders actually called the station to correct them and the next time that story aired, the picture of a rottie was not present.
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I think that the parents are mostly to blame here. What kind of goobers would let their child be face to face with an uncaged tiger? Oh yeah, I forgot the Keeper said it was ok! Stoopid! Too bad it was the kid that suffered the injuries. Now to this whole dog thing. Doesn't it seem 'coincidental' that most injuries that are inflicted by Pitbulls are more life-threatening than a poodle who nicks the cheek of a baby while grabbing for a toy, the lab who's claw happens to cut some old ladies sandaled foot on an initial meeting or the Husky who runs over a kid that happens to be in the way of a toy that was thrown at the park?? Why is it we never hear of the Bulldog who rips a childs arm off, or a Golden Reteiver who mauls an old lady? Because it DOESN'T HAPPEN. Let me guess, the media is "picking on" Pitbulls? Rotties? Dobes? Fact is, good breeding or not, these dogs have the ability and sometimes the poor judgement to do what my examples of 'well-behaved' dogs would not. I'll stick with my goofy, beautiful, funny,loving, cheeky Lab and never have to wory about her eating anyones face.
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