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Angry Rattle Snake Round ups

<img src="http://www.**************/roundup/pit.jpg"><img src="http://www.**************/roundup/skinning.jpg"><img src="http://www.**************/roundup/heads.jpg">
Last night I was watching national geographic and saw another show on rattlesnake roundups. It showed a snake being held up by its tail and pulled down by its neck to straighten it out. Then some lady dressed up like a promb queen got a knife and cut the snake from tail to head while it was ALIVE! Not only that they were all smiling and laughing, even the croud! This is the most inhumane sickest thing I have ever seen, reminds me of concentration camps. This was in Texas (i think sweetwater). Is there no animal cruelty laws down there? If not is there any work being done to stop this? Anyway just really pisses me off so I thought I'd share.

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