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My very first was a red-eared slider when I was 8. I feel badly for the thing looking back, because upon the insistence of my father all I kept it in was a rubber tub in the basement with about an inch or two of water without any heating. He told me he had kept turtles the same way when he was young, and they had even laid eggs and hatched babies so who was I to argue? To this day I don't think he has much appreciation for the difference in species of reptiles. He did eat well and seemed healthy the whole time I had him though. One day, I was letting it walk around the yard and turned away for a minute, thinking it'd be too slow to get anywhere, but when I looked back it was gone!!! I found out years later that one of my neighbours had found it and brought it into the SPCA. Oh well, I hope the person it ended up with took better care of it than I did.

My first herp as a real herper (i.e. all the books, setup, supplies, live food, etc...) was an Argentinian Horned Frog.
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