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I have a rough green snake. Pro's and con's on it.

They are not handling snakes they get stressed pretty easy. It is a snake that is like a fish you just watch it.

Also they need a very secure environment. I have alot of plants in his viv. They are climbing snakes, and most active during the day. Fun to watch him.

You need to keep the humidity up as well around 70-90. Temps 75-85. What I do is mist the cage everyday also he drinks the water droplets more then drinking out of his bowl. But I change the bowl everyday with fresh water.

Also depends on where you get them at, most local pet stores carry. They run about $20. But more then likely they are w/c. They are found in the USA from Fla all the way to CT.

But eating seems to be the big thing. They do eat crickets when they do eat. I gut load my crickets with supplement and feed them alot of greens, carrots etc.. I am having problems with his feeding and wonder how much longer he can last.

I would not suggest as a beginner snake because they are difficult for feeding. I have read that some don't do well in captivity, however some people have success with them.

I would have to say 2 in 10 people that I have talked to have success in keeping one.

That is all the info I have for the rough green snake , Hope it helps.
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