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First ...

I would like to give those :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: To Grant! I didint go to the one in april so I didint see how the new place was. I went to this one as a visitor and I must say i'm very impressed with all that space and the configuration of the hall! Grant you rule and you truely have an awsome vision of what show's in Canada should look like. I remember the first one and from there it has improved 1000%. It is an awsome idea to invite Greg Maxwell at this show ( even if i missed his speech because of a party that ended late at night on saturday with some Toronto herper friends)


As far as I remember all June show's that I went were a bit slower than the show's in september. In my opinion it has nothing to do with anything other than : people on vacation, summer and weather.


I will surely be at the september show as a vendor I'll keep some stuff this year just for this show.


I finally met Simon Fung! ( I spoke to him only on the phone in the past for some snakes he bought of me ) I was impressed on the phone but in person he really is a super nice & professional guy with some amazing animals!
Simon i'll call you for the next party in Toronto thats for sure! I think it will occur on a friday because I dont want my brain to "liquify" in front of people as I sell a snake hehehe You are welcome in Montreal to as all the other people I chated with. By the way I hope you all understood my english

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