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I agree Mykee. My mom has a daycare, and they were walking to the pool one day when a big dog ran up from a guys yard and started barking. Well naturally one of the kids ran and when he did, the dog jumped on him and took a big chunk out of his leg..

The guy was warned to put a muzzle on his dog for a while, and now a few months later the dog is running in the yard free still. It could happen to anyone just walking by, and the guy gets off so easily!
Very scary stuff. The kid is now scared of large dogs and won't go near the house (with good reason!) >

It's like the idea that if a robber comes into your yard at night, trips and breaks his leg, he can sue you! Now that just isn't right.... Just about happened to us. :S Luckily the guy didn't end up suing. Stupid laws.

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