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I agree with Mykee on the muzzling often worn muzzle can foster aggression with some dogs. Tank was 2 years old when we adopted him. He was previously abused and a "possible ex-fighter" (the words of the SPCA). He was there for 3 mths and never showed any signs of aggression, then they had him tested for his aggression level and he passed with flying colours. He is a wonderful dog....................BUT between my husband and I, we have over 30 years experience with the breed. I, unlike a lot of pit owners (mostly the kids that use them as status symbols) understand the breed. An APBT is not a dog that belongs in a leash free park, under ANY circumstances. They are also not dogs that are for a first time owner.......most terriers aren't. Terriers tend to be very smart and very stubborn. They challenge you at the best of times and anyone who considers owning them needs to prepare themselves, in order to be responsible owners.
BTW, I also rescued a 12 week old pit puppy that had been horribly mistreated. Locked in a cage for a month straight, living off his mothers feces, broken tail, mange, worms, etc. Now at first glance most people would think that this dog was young enough to recover from his emotional scars............not true. In his case, all his damage was done to him in the most formative time in his life and he never recovered. Dispite our many attempts to train, reassure and calm him, he continued to be a fear biter............a very dangerous situation. At 6 mths of age, we made the decision to have him put down. Some would argue that I could've placed him in another home, etc but we made the decision to not allow there to be a dog that is a potential "loaded weapon"................just my experience..........
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