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Not only have we gotten rid of the natural selection process that Linds pointed out. The different dog breeds we see today exist because we've been purposely selecting abnormal/faulty genes to create different looks and purposes in dogs.

I've had a bulldog growing up and absolutely LOVE the breed. Unfortunately, almost all of them suffer from defects or ailments due to their physical stature. My "Walter" had a weird and rare skin disorder, asthma and epilepsy. He couldn't run more than a few paces before running out of breath but I'm sure he would have wanted to.

I do understand why they are trying to stop this breed from continuing its line in this way. It's not fair to the animals to be produced and have to live with restrictions and ailments due to the deformities we have turned them into for our enjoyment.

When we speak of breeding reptiles, don't we strive to breed the healthy ones and avoid those with bad genes as to not pass them on any further? It's only fair that other animals be accorded the same respect.

It's hard for us to let go and not be selfish. I still love bulldogs and had always hoped to have another one day but this article opened my eyes and is definitely making me rethink that idea.

I doubt this would happen to other breeds like Mykee suggested. It's one thing to have a deformity that is more common in one breed and another to have breathing problems even if you don't have any other defects.

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