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not to mention that due to antarcitca being such a cold climate there are very few species. this makes the ecosystems there alot more sensitive to human interaction. but on the other hand it is because we choose to seperate ourselves from nature that these problems arise. we took humans from nature and put them under economy. therefore we look at nature seperatly and act like the damage we do to it wont effect us. well we r all wrong. steve was just enjoying the nature the way it should be enjoyed. he was playing with animals and not harming them at all. but too much damage has been done to enviornments and the laws set have to be followed no matter what. what im tryin to get at is... i dont think steve was doing anything really wrong, but i do believe he should be punished


i know its confusing, im still tryin to wrap my head around it

my 2 cents

Arboreal Snakes of the Amazon'

Breeding Next Year
1.1 Spilotes pullatus
1.1 Corallus hortulanus

looking into amazon bird eating snakes too!!!!!
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