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This is my first time posting, but I do want to give some input here. My husband and I have been to all but one show over the last 18 months. At every show we have bought something.

This time we brought a friend, a first time herper. He had a tank and wanted a cornsnake. Since we had purchased Simon's corns in the past, that is straight where we headed first. I learned from my very first show, if I want it, then I get it right then and there. I'll browse later thank you, but I don't want to be disappointed when I go back to a table and the morph and sex I wanted are gone.

We have bought something at every show. A frilled dragon was on the agenda for our first show...and our collection of reptiles has grown substantially from each visit to the "Expo". This time the back seat was filled with 2 beautiful female normal corns het "Simon's specialties" and a 'girlfriend' for Sonny, our 18 month old beardie. Our guest purchased a male, Sunglow Corn...and he will be a repeat customer, he was so impressed with the show.

As far as table setup, it's not as important to me as the 'identity, price and sex' of the herp I am looking for. Be up front with all three....and then I will ask questions if you have what I am interested in.

I'm $400.00 'lighter' in pocket so there were some of us who made buys...and I sure left there excited about my purchases and already thinking about what will be available at the next show.

Oh Simon, the 'girls' are just fine. Each had a pinkie when we got home.

Ruth and Jeff
Just love them corns
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