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I was there and would have to agree with some of you in that it's not really that difficult to tell which tables are really serious about selling. I saw maybe 5 set-ups that were visually appealing, (and they know who they are). I draw the comparison between setting up a table/selling yourself as a school project in grade school; There are those who stencil their letters with attention to detail onto their bristolboards for their Science Fair project, and there are those who haphazardly get it done in two minutes, freehand, the night before. There were far too many "freehanders" at this show. If you show pride in yourself, your work and your reptiles, it will show in sales. At a show, you're selling yourself as much as you're selling your reptiles, but what will bring a customer to a table is your presentation. Get them to your table and THEN wow them with your personality, knowledge and quality. It's unfortunate many tables didn't take themselves too seriously. That's the reason that the Canadian shows will never be what the American ones are. Sorry to ruffle some table vendors feathers, but them's the truth.
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