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Hmm.... my first herp... When I was younger my father and brother went fishing and my brother came back and told me about the turtles from the pond. Feeling left out, I had my dad take me the next day and we searched for turtles but could never catch them. I was so devestated that I couldn't catch one I went home in tears. To quiet me, dad and I went to pet stores looking for turtles, but at the time reptiles weren't popular in pet stores. I ended up getting a cat instead.

When I moved to New Mexico in 1987ish, I finally did get my turtle. I worked hard and earned the money for her doing household chores. I had my baby red-eared slider named Bo. (We thought she was a boy at first). I still have her at the age of 24 (I got her when I was 7 or 8) making her about 16 years old. I know turtles are long-lived but I hope my old girl will still be around for ages to come. She remains one of the most personable and interesting pets I have!
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