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Anacondaman, I don't know about racist, but my dog has never shown racial tendencies to any dog.
Weird that you said that. A while back, I adopted a pitbull who absolutely anyone that was not white, and anyone in uniform. With us though, he was a complete sweetheart.

I personally love pitbulls, their look and build intrigues me. It is my belief that no one has the right to blame a pitbull for an attack. Fact is, it is the owners responsibility to train their dogs, or get their dogs trained, to behave appropriately. It is also their responsibility to place a muzzle on a dog if they know there is a remote chance of an attack.

I definitely do not see PitBulls as a bad breed, and it is not their fault that human kind raised, and in some cases continue to do so, to fight and attack. At the clinic I work at, there is usually at least one pitbull brought in on a weekly basis. I can usually guess the temperament of the dog just by looking at the owners. And in the opposite case, I can almost guess what the owners are like judging by what wrong with the dog, and whether it is in for being in a fight or not. So what am I getting to? Generally, the outcome of a Pitbull is the result of the owner. Last week, a dog came in who had got brutally beaten as a result of trying to protect its owner as he was in a fight. The owner brought the dog in with his jaw wired shut from a previous fight. The dog had several broken bones, and serious road burn on the right side. The dog was put down. I have been 'attacked' twice within the past three months by a pitbull, both of which times the dog was owned by unsuitable individuals - I say that from the extent of care they are willing to give their dog while under our care.

Anyhow, my point is that it is unforunate that such a beautiful, potentially friendly dog has such a horrible reputation due to our stupidity .
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