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Well the most affordable first herp was an anole, fun little critters they were . From that one anole sprouted a load of herps: 1.5 leos, 0.1 bd, 1.0 fire skink, 1.0 savannah 0.0.1 nile, 0.0.1 ksb, 0.0.1 frog eyed gecko, 0.2 cornsnakes, 0.1 ball python, 0.0.1 burm, 0.2 green tree frog, and an asian forest scorpion. (all of which was sold wen i left the hobby for a year, but back in da hobby again and starting a new far it's just 0.0.1 cali king, 0.0.1 atb and soon to be 1.1 atb, 0.1 IJCP, 0.1 ETB) Have a gudd wun

..Soo...this is life...wasn't what i expected but who am I to complain?
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