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Pixie, very well put forward and I agree with you implicitly.
Anacondaman, I don't know about racist, but my dog has never shown racial tendencies to any dog.
Here's where I can speak from experience regarding these breeds: When I lived in Toronto I was in a part of the city where there were a lot of parks and green space, a fairly affluent neighbouhood. Every day after dinner, 50 or so dog owners in the area would meet at this park and let their dogs play, myself included. All the dogs got along well, however there were two pitts, a shep and a rotti (sound familiar) who continuously had 'accidents' while playing that caused nicks, cuts and eventually stitches which led to the eventual "eviction" from the park/play group. Watching these dogs play it was very evident that there are breeds of dogs that are just 'rougher" than others. Granted, there were also other breeds who played equally as rough, but with the above mentioned breeds, their added size and larger everything, they became a force to be reconed with. It's not their fault they are as 'rough' as they are, just like it's not a huskies fault for wanting to run or a border collies fault for wanting to herd. It's the breed.
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