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Pitbull can be wonderful dogs and not the vicious beasts that they are always labeled as.

I've met a few that were absolutely wonderful family pets and total sweeties.

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Unfortunately, that is not the "norm" for this breed and the reason for this is in the dog's owners.

Genetically, this breed was designed to be a fighting dog both physically and mentally. This will show especially with pitts & other animals. Rare are pitts that have been socialized well enough to be around other dogs safely. Attacks from pitts toward other dogs or animals far outweigh attacks from pitts on humans.

Generally, pitts don't tend to view humans as a fight target. The reason for such things happening are purely the owners fault. Lack of or improper training is always the reason for an "accident"...

I think that the reason this breed gets as much attention and bad press is because of the sheer strength this animals has. There is quite a difference between an attack from another kind of dog and a pittbull. I'm not saying that other breeds can't inflict serious damage, it just doesn't compare to the damage that a pitt can do.

I wouldn't want to see the species banned anywhere though. I do like the approach of other places that seem to work in everyone's favor. I believe that it's in the U.K. that if you have a pitt, it must wear a cage muzzle when ever the dog is off your property. I'm not sure about the exact details of the bylaw but it's something to that effect.

Even if it can't prevent all accidents, it's a way to prevent some accidents and make others more comfortable around the breed.

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