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all breeds of dog bite. no question.
it all boils down to training and responcible ownership.
it wasnt too long ago there WAS an outbeak of golden retrievers biting people. it was all the backyard breeding that went on that led to the good traits being lost. and bad traing to reinforce it.
certain dogs (pitbulls, border collies, most herding dogs) have problems with kids because they dont see them as people.
kids move weird, dont talk directly and firmly and are basically at eye level,
a bad place to be with certain dogs.
im a nanny and bring my dog to work. my dog is completly trained and walks away from rowdy children. however i do not leave her alone with the kids and i have had to "train" the kids about dog safety.
i have a staffodshire terrier/border collie mix who is my life.
i would have no problem muzzling her if i knew she was the least bit aggressive.
adults are always to blame with any animal mishap.
neither dogs nor children (or tigers for that matter) know better.
responcible pet ownership is a hard thing to preach to those who dont want to listen.
"to ignore knowledge is sickness
to know ignorance is strength"
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