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I'm glad that you cleared up teh issue of money, but honestly, I think you should ride it out

you are a hard worker and have been before....remember when you were selling meat and working hard

there's money out there, and like I said, 100% of your wages pays off your albino in 6 weeks, meaning, you could realistically pay it off in 6 months if you wanted and still have money for other things

I think yoiu should trim the fat, get rid of the extras that you don't need, and keep your pairs and the albino...sell your het, we've still got mine, hell, I'll sell my 66% and get your 100% so we'll still have 2 100% females....there are several aceptable solutions here, but this albino will put you in the black (in 3 years) but that is really not that long if you think about it
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