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I have to put in a few good words for the pit bull breeds. Why does it seem like everytime there is a thread about dangerous animals the pits get drug into it. Yes, we own a pit bull. She was rescued from the humane society by my BF before we got together. She was left tied to a tree with no food and no water and she was pregnant. I have no idea what her pedigree is and I highly doubt that any selective breeding took place and she is still a wonderful dog and companion. I haven't seen any aggression towards humans out of her except for one time when a man came to the door trying to get me to let him in (he was selling something ) after me telling him repeatedly to leave, Sophie came up beside me , growled, and he went away. Normally when someone comes to the door she is there greeting them like they came to see her! LOL! I am sure that there are Pits out there that are aggressive and are a danger to people, I just believe that as a breed they are not normally human aggressive. If you wonder why so many bites are attributed to Pits, go to your local pound and see how many dogs there are listed as Pits or Pit mixes. I have and most of these dogs don't have an ounce of Pit in them! If it is a large breed , short haired dog that even slightly resembles a Pit, that is what it is labled as. Oh and Mykee, I grew up with a girl who had a horribly disfiguring scar on her face from being bitten by a Bulldog.
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