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I survived the Kicking Horse River

After traveling 2000 km (from Winnipeg, we took the scenic route) to the Yoho national park nestled in the Rocky mountains my friends and I took on the Kicking Horse River.

WE WON!!!! well the parts that the guides took us on anyway. White water rafting is one of the coolest things I have done. It ranks right up there with camping in the rockies!!! Which I can now say I have done too.

We went on rapids that ranged from Class I (calm running water) to class IV (damn the boat almost flipped). It was awesome. There was a group that went through before us and they lost a Guide and one of the rafters. Fortunately both of them safely got back on the boat and they were able to continue on their journey.

We put 4000 km on a van in 4 days and we rode the last 600 km on a tire that was losing air... stopping every 45 min to an hour to refill it. It was an adventure for brother is building a website of our trip and I will post a link soon!

I have to say that I am very envious of all you people who live in or close to the Rockies.o> And Calgary is and amazingly beautiful city..the parts I saw anyway!

I tried looking for herps on the hikes that we went on but wasn't expecting to find anything as it was still cool in those mountains and i didn't see any herps however I saw a lot of chipmunks, magpies, other birds, ground hogs, elk , bears and there were cows EVERYWHERE!!! the cows weren't in the mountains tho just all over Alberta and Saskatchewan.


thats all for now cheers
Thanks for your time.

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