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None taken, I enjoy a spirited debate as much if not more than the next guy..
I'm sure YOUR dog is a big, cuddly lap dog, in fact I've met a few pits who are just that, in fact one of my Willow's best friend is a pitti named Diesel, BUT that doesn't lessen the fact that many of the SERIOUS injuries inflicted on people are from a select few breeds of dogs. Also, I don't know about you, but I molded my dog into what I wanted. We worked together; she pushed, I pushed and we came to a happy medium where she could keep her personality and I could get from her what I wanted. No dog personality is set in stone. Oh yes, and I apologize for not touching on the GIANT conspiracy between the newspapers, television, OPEC and the UN trying to besmirch the 'good name' of these breeds. Fact is if these dogs didn't go nuts every once in a while, it wouldn't be in a newspaper, on t.v. etc. I realize that 20 years ago, german sheppards were the 'cool' dog to hate, then the dobermann, the rottweiler, and now the pittbull. Is it just me who sees a trend here? Who knows (fingers crossed) maybe the lhaso apso is next.....
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