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Originally posted by mykee
Why is it we never hear of the Bulldog who rips a childs arm off, or a Golden Reteiver who mauls an old lady? Because it DOESN'T HAPPEN. Let me guess, the media is "picking on" Pitbulls? Rotties? Dobes? Fact is, good breeding or not, these dogs have the ability and sometimes the poor judgement to do what my examples of 'well-behaved' dogs would not. I'll stick with my goofy, beautiful, funny,loving, cheeky Lab and never have to wory about her eating anyones face.
No disrespect, but get your facts straight before making a broad comment like that. I have a pit and she's afraid of her own shadow! Every animal, snakes included, have their own personality. If we want to keep them, we have to adjust to their individual personality or not have them at all. The reason you don't hear about other types of dogs attacking is usually because of misidentification on the reporter/witness's part. It sells a lot of newspapers and the correction to the front page story is buried in the middle of the paper somewhere. I was really hesitant on getting a pit bull in the beginning due to my 2 young kids, but after reading up on the breed, and properly training her, the only time I have any attack from her is when her dang tail whips me when I come home from work! You'd be surprised how many people have told me they were scared of her because she is a Pit. Slowly but surely, I'm trying to change the bias toward this breed. Oops this is a snake forum not a dog forum. My bad!
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