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The thing is, its not the snakes, its the money going into them. Thats why I said money is evil. I am honestly down to my last dime, and that scares me quite a bit, her even more. Also, we were together before I owned a single reptile. Then I persuaded here into putting up with a corn snake. Now I've got thousands tied up in the snakes yet tell her about how I can't afford this or that... it is pretty hypocritical.

She actually does not really want me to get rid of the snakes (she doesn't like them, but also doesn't mind them) but instead she would rather I fix some spending problems. Thats what the issue is, and she said it herself, if I sell them now she is afraid that I will end up resenting her for it. I may, but I also do need to realize that as much of an investment as they can be, I also need to hold off sometimes.

Everyone on here is great, and I think very highly of everyone, so thanks for the support! Don't worry, it has never been "me or the snakes", but instead "being responsible with money" but if it ever changes I will not put up with it. Hopefully it'll change if I can get some little finger biters to pop out and help recover some of what I've put into this!
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