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Originally posted by Cruciform
I would have loved to make it to the Toronto show this time around but, due to moving this week, I had to pass

I was only at one show before this, and I have to say "Sellers, take heart!"

I would have liked to have had money to burn last time and bought some animals, but I just picked up bedding and rodent food. I talked to a few sellers and they were somewhat disappointed by sales. The thing is, I walked out of there with half a dozen business cards, from people I fully intend to purchase animals from in the next year.

The show is a great place to see samples of all kinds of animals, then ooh and ahh over them, and decide you have to have one.

If you're a seller, don't feel disappointed that you didn't move a lot of animals. Focus on making that connection with the people that come to look at your table, and encourage their interest. Find out something about the buyer too.

How did they find out about the show? Do they have any other reptiles? Or hang out on any community sites?

If they're new, or don't know about this site, put the address on the back of your card, along with your username. Bring them into the community. When the time is right for them to purchase, chances are they'll remember you. And they'll also be better educated in the care of their animals

Now if only I could win the lottery this week and make some of you very happy
I definitely agree with this.
For somewhat of a reason the Canadian shows just doesn't go that well. Compared to the shows in the States we're SLOW.

I don't even expect to get any sales at shows now. What I expect is to get my business cards out and talk to people and answer anything (as long as I know the answer...LOL)

Just give people the impression of good customer service and your knowledge. I too have times when I don't want to answer people or just say 'hi, is there anything that I can help you with'. But this is because I have been sitting at the show for a couple of hours and no buying. But after a while, I get back on my track and start talking to potential buyers or even just the people that passes by.

If I had someone with me at the show that knows my animals, then I would be walking around once in a while to talk to everyone but obviously I don't have anyone there~~

So right now all I want to do is to get my name out from shows and hope to get the words out, plus hope to get some customers that is willing to get animals off me later on.
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