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I am sorry if this is harsh, but don't get rid of your snakes for a girl, It really isn't worth it!
Think about it.

First it's, get rid of the snakes or me,
then it's, your not going out with the boys any more, or i'm going to mothers.
Then its, it's straight home from work, got it!

basicly it is a sign of control issues. And if someone issues you a "get rid of/leave/don't do/ (insert activity or hobby here) or we are done!" doesn't really love you, or they wouldn't issue the command in the first place.

I know it's hard, becuase I was told by my ex that if I ever got any snakes she would leave me, (Not the reason we aren't together), but it was one of the smaller reasons.

Anyone that starts dating you, dates you as you are, not as they want you to be.

I am sorry for rambling, people like that just really get to me. Don't get rid of your snakes. If you get rid of them now for this person, they will never let you have another pair. Look not only at them as your pets and potential projects, but look at the money you've invested in the animal themselves, the cages, heating, feeding, water.......thats alot to just "throw away" because someone else don't like them.
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